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20-year-old guy named Erich. I live in Mass.
My Girlfriend is at newbatteriesforyourhalo.tumblr.com, She's excellent. :D
I'm a tad obsessed with Gorillaz, Death Cab, Inception, and Cloverfield.
I love music.
I dance.

If I follow you, don't feel obligated to follow back, only if you enjoy what I post.


That is all.

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I've heard I'm friendly. And that I smell nice.

My face.

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Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi and happy Christmas eve if that’s what you’re celebrating. I’m probably not going to really be on tomorrow, so merry Christmas (Again, if that’s what you’re into.), and I hope you have a series of fantastic days. :D

  1. anag007 said: Joyeux Noël, Erich ! :)
  2. simplegameofgenius said: MERRY CHRISTMAS FOR TOMORROW! :D
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